House refurbishment - Ανακαίνιση Σπιτιού -

Brief Info about the site

Ανακαίνιση Σπιτιού ( is a new website of a company that provides solutions to everything related to house renovations (kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, fireplace, garden configuration) and business premises renovation. Additionally, it offers solutions to issues concerning the insulation of buildings (insulation, facade, waterproofing, roof insulation) and energy upgrade. Moreover, it undertakes the construction of new houses.

The project involved:

1. SEO (Search engine optimization) inside the webpage.
2. Website design and development with Wordpress
3. SEO outside the webpage and
4. Pay per Click advertisement with Adwords and Facebook.

Steps 1 & 2 finished. Steps 3-4 ongoing.

Technical Info about the website

The website was build using Wordpress CMS.