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Website Development

Web site development is a skill which is developing rapidly. There is a number of technologies and tools that have been developed to improve its functionality and efficiency. The main point though is to develop as soon as possible a website that will offer valuable content to the reader and a user friendly navigation around it without giving any signs of errors and also train the customer to update its content in order to keep it up-to-date.

In WebDataSeo, we usually undertake projects for:

  1. Individuals who want to create their own blog.
  2. Companies that want to present their business.
  3. Companies that want to make an e-shop.
  4. Companies that want to create an intranet.
  5. Non-profit-organizations that want to present their work.
  6. Online newspapers.

To do so, we follow a procedure in order to identify the valuable points our clients want to present and work in cooperation with them in order to develop the desirable outcome. We use the best open source CMS programs that are available (like Wordpress and Drupal). Our developers code using languages like PHP, Javascript, HTML, JQuery, SQL which prevail in the web development field and can accomplish any functionality that is needed.