Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a program provided by Google for those who wish to monetize their websites. It is adopted by websites that have high traffic.

Basically the owner of the website allocates some space inside the website to be used by Google Adsense program by adding a code given by Google. Then, Google automatically is able to display text and banner ads on this space. In addition the owner of the website is given by Google a control panel / interface to choose which banner sizes he/she wants to add in the website and to have a type of control over the banner ads that will be displayed in the website. The monetization comes from either the clicks that are made on the banners or the number of views that the banners have in the website (PPC and PPV respectively).

If you are not familiar with this procedure, WebDataSeo is able to set it up for you and teach you how to take over this role. We connect to your pc using TeamViewer and we show you how this is done. If you would like instead to outsource this task to a third party, WebDataSeo also undertakes this task.
For more information just contact us to have a free first check of your website and advise you on the possibilities you have.