Affiliate Marketing

There are various ways to promote a business online. Affiliate marketing is mostly addressed to businesses that sell something online (either this is a product or a service). Thus, websites that have e-shops.

The procedure in simple terms is the following:

  1. Preparation Steps
    • Join the appropriate affiliate network
    • Prepare your promotional material (photo banners, movie banners or just a simple link to your website
    • Decide upon the % of commission you will offer to the bloggers who will promote your website
  2. Next steps
    • Bloggers view your business inside the affiliate network interface
    • Some bloggers decide to write about your business or your products / services inside their websites
    • The people who read the bloggers' articles visit your website following your promotional links
    • Some of these people buy your products or services online

When a purchase is made as described above the affiliate network and the blogger get a commission from you. This has already being defined at the preparation steps.

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